ARIA is a public company, completely owned by Regione Lombardia (Lombardy regional government). The mission of ARIA is governing public spending, leading digital transformation for local public administrator agencies, and thriving regional data-driven policies. The company acts as a central purchasing body and as an IT company as well. ARIA manages all the information systems for the various departments of the institutions of the regional system and all the IT services provided by Regione Lombardia to its citizens as well as to local government’s staff and related agencies.

Hence, ARIA supports and delivers 700 business services, 800 software applications, 180 databases and 2 datacenters (over 2.400 virtual and physical servers).

ARIA has the overall responsibility for Welfare/Healthcare Information System (WIS). The WIS connects, within the territory of Regione Lombardia, about 50 among health authorities, public hospitals and public research entities, more than 2.600 pharmacies, and more than 150.000 among Health Operators and Family Doctors. WIS gives the citizen secure access to their personal Electronic Health Record (EHR) and allows them to access easily to prescriptions and performances from each item of the system.

ARIA provides as well eGovernment services covering many areas such as agriculture, digital identity and authentication, public contribution to citizens and enterprises, law enforcement dashboard, social housing, mobility, energy and environment, open data management. Regione Lombardia’s open data portal ( currently hosts almost 2.000 datasets including among others the Epidemiologic Observatory built on WIS with almost 20 years of history.

ARIA is furthermore working to a project for centralizing all the public body’s small data center to create a large and secure infrastructure for the public administration in Lombardia. ARIA datacenters, accordingly, with the guidelines set by the Agency for Digital Italy, have been designed and built to meet the stringent requirements set for the certification referred to Tier IV.