The problem

Hearing loss, cardio vascular diseases, cognitive impairments, balance disorders and mental health conditions are amongst the ten most prevalent health challenges, which people over 65 -a constantly increasing age subgroup of EU citizen – experience. 

 – The management of the above conditions by healthcare systems is characterized by high and rising costs as well as gaps in quality, safety, equity, and access

 – The annual cost of managing Hearing Loss in the European Union is €213bn 

 – The total economic cost of dementia worldwide increased from US$279 bn in 2000 to $948 bn in 2016, with an annual growth rate of 15.94% 

 – The total cost of cognitive disorders in Europe in was 240bn

 – Estimated cost of falls in Europe is 25bn Euro annually and fall-related expenditures exceeding 45 billion euros by the year 2050 euros by the year 2050

Digital tools hold promise for many health benefits that can enhance the independent living and well-being of the elderly. Yet, their use is often perceived to have technological and privacy risks. 

Extent of overlap of frailty with ADL disability & comorbidity

Our Impact

SMART BEAR will deliver a solution offering:
 – Continuous and objective monitoring and interventions for 21st century precise and personalised medicine
towards optimising disease and associated risks’ management
 – Measurable improvements to the Quality of Life of the elderly and their ability to live independently

The SMART BEAR solution will
 – Integrate off-the-shelf smart consumer and medical devices to provide a Connected Health environment,
 – Provide an affordable, user-friendly, and accountably secure and privacy-preserving service to the elderly, and
 – Increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery and reduce resource waste

The Smart-Bear Concept


  • Continuous participant monitoring, environment sensing, data collection & interoperability.
  • Data analytics, decision making for intelligent and personalised interventions enhancing the well-being
    and independent living of participants.
  • Security, Privacy and Trustworthiness of the platform
  • User-centric implementation and integration of the platform.
  • Demonstrate and validate the use of the SMART-BEAR platform at TRL 9 via five large scale pilots,
    involving 5.000 participants across five EU countries.
  • To maximise the project’s impact and create a sustainable solution