The mobile application (SB@App) of Smart Bear provides a unique control center that bi-directionally communicates with the HomeHub (unified home devices & sensors integrator), and the integration and data handling of the devices and sensors that capture physiological and health-related measurements. 

The SB@App sends all measurements to the Smart Bear cloud (SB@Cloud) to be stored and processed but can also receive personalized information to inform, alert and notify each user.

It is a component aimed at providing a user-friendly graphical user interface for the participant. The application handles the communication between the wearable devices and the SB platform while accessing the Platform utilities and functionalities. The application formats the data transmitted to the Platform so that it is compliant with the FHIR format. SB@App also provides useful data to the participant and additional apps, like Diet App, Medication App and Rehabilitation App.

The Diet App displays the user’s recommended diet according to their age, gender, weight, level of physical activity and general health information, for example, heart condition. They can fill in their daily food intake for each food category and the monthly Mediterranean diet questionnaire.

The Medication screen displays the user’s prescription medication, and the user can indicate whether they have taken their medication. In addition, reminder notifications are triggered when it is time for the user to take their medication.

The Rehabilitation App offers a series of videos with activities for rehabilitation, according to the Otago exercise programme. These videos are distinguished by the user’s participation and self-confirmation of fulfilling these tasks. The user’s safety is the priority of this feature.