SMART BEAR: Gaining momentum in France

The Smart Bear project is gaining momentum in France!

Indeed, the first investigation center was launched on Monday the 22th of January with the CHU of Lille, our clinical sponsor of the project. Both medical and research staff took part in this set-up meeting to share and explain all the details of the clinical study (reglementation, recruitment, logistics, etc..).

The following day, there was a meeting with a number of stakeholders such as Lille town council, healthcare professionals involved in the care of complex patients, and some non-profit organizations that guide, assist, advise and support caregivers of the elderly). 

Afterwards on Wednesday the 23rd, our second investigation center was launched at  CHU of Amiens, with  Pr Bloch and his team.

The  next steps :
Workshops and information meetings for seniors in these two territories. 

We are exhibiting at the congress “Salon des Seniors” in Rennes from March 15th to 16th.

Our tour of France continues with the setting up of the CHU of Nice on February 12 and the CHU of Tours on March 25.

Stay tuned  with more dates to come!!

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