Comunità  Sociale Cremasca a.s.c. is a social services management institution, established by the 48 municipalities belonging to Crema District, in order to support social policies and programming. CSC is committed to structuring welfare plans and accounting procedures that integrate and coordinate the entire public social service in terms of social assistance and home care in the District.

In particular, CSC has the function of organizing and coordinating social services through:

  • Local calls for tender for outsourcing activities and accreditation of institutions/companies to which citizens may apply directly (elderly home care, disabled educational assistance, etc.);
  • Support to municipalities on using and reporting public funds;
  • Direct management of District social services (i.e. child protection and disadvantaged people job placement);
  • District social services coordination (i.e. disabled institutions management, elderly institutions management, social transport, health helpline);
  • Implementation of projects involving local and national welfare institutions (both public and private ones), including fundraising activities;
  • Strategies analysis and evaluation, improving at the same time the management and the organizational units’ performances.

The fundamental goal of the organization is the regular and systematic evaluation of the appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency of processes and intervention outcomes of any kind. The quality of the internal communication for the welfare system, and in front of the public opinion, is also among the goals of CSC.

Among the instruments that the company can activate in order to achieve its goals, the appropriate training of operators involved in the welfare plans of the District, at different levels, is considered of paramount importance in order to straighten the quality of the District welfare culture.