Created in 2003 by Dr. Mohamed Rebiai, PhD in mathematics and signal processing, StreamVision S.A.S is a key enabler in the emerging market of digital video broadcast and rich media applications in proposing to audiovisual, educational and hospitality markets very performing and evolving interactive offers and products. StreamVision is also specialized in the design and implementation of quick medical diagnosis systems enabling the capture of body information and medical analysis via non-invasive sensors.

Combining the mastering of the complete signal processing chain with the evolving needs of the silver economy, StreamVision has developed a quick medical diagnosis support armchair, called Check@flash, enabling the quick capture of body information and medical analysis via non-invasive sensors. Check@flash armchair’s triple aim is first to provide a performing and quick answer to medical regional deserts by bridging the gap between the remote location and the nearest medical center, second to reassure or avoid the possible health problems of a dynamic and always more autonomous population and third to provide a convenient medical data capturing tool of elderly people in nursing homes for an easier medical follow-up. 

Very active in e-health through European projects, StreamVision surrounds itself with European searchers in e-health experimenting Check@flash armchair in real life. Awarded by the French Government at the Worldwide Innovation Challenge in July 2014 in the silver economy category, StreamVision was also the winner of Phase 1 of the SME instrument in 2015 and rewarded with three seals of excellence for Phase 2 of the SME instrument in 2017.