Sphynx Technology Solutions AG is based in Zurig,  Switzerland and also has offices in Cyprus and London. Sphynx provides customised and continuous security and privacy assessment solutions, covering the full range of socio-technical aspects of modern enterprise, for internal risk management and/or external security audit and certification.

In particular, Sphynx has developed a security and privacy assurance platform to enable customised and continuous assessment of the security and privacy of your enterprise and comprehensive risk management. The platform offers hybrid security and privacy assessments, automated threat and vulnerability analysis, sophisticated event processing capabilities that can realise complex signature or anomaly-based assessments, model-driven customisations to enable the realisation of different security standards and risk management requirements, and customisable reporting for audit purposes. Sphynx has also developed a platform for model-driven data analytics based on the use of noSql data technologies (Hive, SPARK). Key innovative features of the platform include a model-driven data analytics approach in which analytics are embedded in the context of and driven by models that describe the decision-making based on the evidence arising from it, and the execution of trustworthy analytics (e.g., seamlessly embedded checks within the core computations of the SPARK platform Services).

Website: http://www.sphynx.ch/