SMART BEAR: HomeHub Prerecruitment Videos


HomeHub, created by the University of Ioannina and developed as a component of the SMARTBEAR solution, crafts a pioneering  ecosystem in environmental control and home monitoring. With the help of openHAB software and a Raspberry Pi-based system, HomeHub seamlessly integrates various smart devices, such as motion detectors, smart bulbs and sensors for temperature and humidity. This system empowers users to effortlessly monitor, control, and modify their home environments through a user-friendly mobile application.

HomeHub’s capabilities extend beyond mere convenience, as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality of life. The system allows users to receive real-time data from sensors, enabling them to maintain optimal indoor conditions for comfort, well-being, and energy efficiency. For instance, residents can automate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems based on accurate temperature and humidity readings. Motion detectors contribute to daily activity monitoring, behavioral analysis, and emergency response, providing crucial insights into the routines of individuals, especially the elderly.

Moreover, the integration of smart bulbs adds a layer of personalization to the home ambiance, allowing users to control color and brightness options while optimizing electricity consumption. The information flow, from sensor data collection to cloud processing and storage, ensures a seamless experience for end-users. SMARTBEAR’s mobile application serves as a centralized hub, enabling users to monitor environmental parameters, adjust settings, and even assess historical data in the context of HomeHub. In essence, HomeHub encapsulates one of the essences of SMARTBEAR’s mission – uniting heterogeneous sensors to offer unparalleled convenience, energy efficiency, and an elevated quality of life for participants.