Smart Bear at the National Conference for Alzheimer

2023 March 4, Bucharest, Romania.

ANA (Ana Aslan International Foundation, the clinical partner for the Romanian Pilot) was represented by Prof. Dr. Luiza Spiru and Dr. Razvan Trascu in the 13th edition of the National Conference for Alzheimer in Bucharest, Romania (dedicated to dementia updates): CNAlz2023. The conference was held between March 1st and March 4th in hybrid format (physical event as well as online).

As part of the conference works, one oral presentation was exclusively dedicated to the presentation of SMART BEAR project, including a call to action for mental health professionals to get involved in pre-recruitment activities and to refer patients with mood disorders, cognitive impairment or mental frailty to ANA staff to (pre)recruit.

The presentation, named “Intervenții digitale personalizate pentru o îmbătrânire activă și sănătoasă – proiectul SMART BEAR” (EN: Personalized digital interventions for active and healthy aging – the SMART BEAR project) was authored by dr. Razvan-Ioan Trascu, dr. Mircea-Dan Marzan and Prof. Dr. Luiza Spiru from ANA and was presented on March 4th.