OpenDEI newsletter

January, 2022

  • An analysis of drivers and barriers for the uptake of digital platforms in Europe – new position paper of OPEN DEI
  • Towards Telehealth Europe with ICU4COVID, Smart4Health, ERN-ACT and DS4Health
  • Artificial intelligence boosting the healthcare
  • Scaling-up innovative practices
  • Supporting the mental health of cancer survivors
  • Efficient use of health data described in the OPEN DEI Position paper
  • Discowering a citizen-centric approach to data sharing
  • The latest TeNDER news and events at a glance
  • Collect, manage, share and donate
  • Working towards a strong and resilient healthcare system
  • SHAPES showcased at IN-4-AHA event
  • PHArA-ON promotes its healthy and active ageing plattform at AgeingFit
  • SMARTBEAR publication gets an award
  • The new winner of MIT INNOVATORS UNDER 35
  • Upcoming event