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27 Project Partners from 10 EU countries are committed to disseminate the Project results all across Europe

SMART BEAR: Gaining momentum in France

The Smart Bear project is gaining momentum in France! Indeed, the first investigation center was launched on Monday the 22th of January with the CHU ...

SMART BEAR: HomeHub Prerecruitment Videos

25/01/2024 HomeHub, created by the University of Ioannina and developed as a component of the SMARTBEAR solution, crafts a pioneering  ecosystem in environmental control and home monitoring. With ...

SMART BEAR: The Portuguese Pilot on TV

25/01/2024 The Portuguese pilot made an appearance on a live talk-show and news programme that has a large audience, the Madeira Viva, to disseminate the ...

SMART BEAR: The Romanian Pilot was successfully activated in December

15/01/2024 Fundatia Ana Aslan International (ANA) successfully activated the Romanian Pilot (WP11) on December 12, 2023 when the first participant was successfully recruited.    First informative session on ...

SMART BEAR: Pilots begin in Region of Peloponnese

12/10/2023 We are pleased to announce that Greek Pilot has already started recruiting the first participants in the Region of Peloponnese, starting from 6/10/2023

SmartBear: highlights from STRESS CONGRESS 2023

28-30/09/2023 The 6th edition of STRESS CONGRESS, dedicated to challenges of digitization in the medical management of stress-related issues, was held at the Palace of Parliament ...


May 2021

Overview, Goals, Pilot of Pilots at Madeira

June 2021

Introducing Smart Bear to the people of the Region of Peloponnese